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About Richard M. DiGeorgio

Mr. DiGeorgio is the principal of Richard M. DiGeorgio & Associates, a management consulting firm. He is a change management consultant, leadership trainer and coach. His firm is a network of quality consulting firms, who have worked in numerous industries and at all levels of Fortune 500 companies. The firm has been doing business for eight years.

His leadership training focuses on developing high potential middle managers to think like General Managers through his “Strategic Business Management Workshop.” This workshop is built around a powerful simulation of a company that needs to be turned around; it features strategic perspectives from some of the world’s best business minds.

Recent assignments of significance, all of which involved significant change issues, include:

  1. Helping two divisions of ExxonMobil deal with significant transition issues after their 1999 merger, coaching their leaders and the divisions to get off to a fast start.
  2. Helping a major chemical company re-engineer its order fulfillment process.
  3. Helping a successful Wall Street Brokerage deal with the down turn on Wall Street, coaching key leaders in the firm and helping change behavior and processes.
  4. Helping “The Community Builders”, a non-Profit developer, through an organizational renewal process, that included developing and implementing a significant shift in corporate strategy.
  5. Helping a major financial institution improve its performance management system.
  6. Helping a Major Insurance company plan for significant change issues associated with the implementation of a global information system.
Mr. DiGeorgio has twenty-three years of experience as an executive and change consultant with three Fortune 500 firms, eighteen of those years were spent at Mobil Oil. His last assignment was as an internal change consultant on assignment to Project Horizon, Mobil Oil’s effort to improve its effectiveness in building capital projects and save $500MM a year.

In his role as manager of Training and Organizational Development for Mobil’s Technology Company (MTC), a worldwide organization of 3,000 employees, he did numerous improvement/change efforts and studies. Some of Mr. DiGeorgio's more significant organizational improvement projects, included:

  1. Improving the technology transfer processes between MTC and Mobil's operating divisions
  2. Establishing and implementing a quality effort in Engineering
  3. Leading an organizational design study of the Office of Patent Counsel

Mr. DiGeorgio has made a number of professional presentations. The topics of those presentations focus on M&A, technology transfer, team building, and change management. His article “Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work” was published in the Journal of Change Management in 2003. In May of 2003, Mr. DiGeorgio chaired a conference on M&A in South Africa. Mr. DiGeorgio was the President of the New Jersey Human Resource Planning Group for two years, currently, he coordinates all affiliates of the Human Resource Planning Society across the Globe. His Internet radio show, “The Changing World of Work,” engages him in provocative dialogues with thought leaders in the world of business.

Mr. DiGeorgio is a graduate of Holy Cross College, where he received a liberal arts degree. He received his masters in social psychology from Columbia University. He is married and lives in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. His hobbies include tennis, golf, and spending quality time with his wife.

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The goal of this Website is to become a helpful resource for you as you address issues of change. We will do this in three ways:

  1. By providing tools you can use for your own work in leading and managing change. We only ask that you give us credit when using the tools. We hope you will also remember to access these tools from our Website as you travel, and have the need to remind yourself of key change concepts.
  2. By pointing out key resources, that we deem effective in learning to lead and manage change. These will include books, audio and video tapes and case material. We will only show materials we think are very good or excellent and recommend you consider. We receive no remuneration from recommending these materials, they are things that we have found most helpful in our consulting practice and our students in my Leading Change Program have found very helpful too.
  3. By pointing you to other Websites that have significant value either in providing free materials on change or where you can buy quality tools and materials.

You will also find a good deal of material on leadership and teams in this Website, because we believe leadership is the key engine of change and teams are a critical vehicle for breaking down the boundaries in organizations that block change.

Please visit us frequently, we will be updating this regularly, adding more free material, as well as, additional recommendations on resources. We aim to make this a quality Website, not pointing you to everything, but to quality resources. You don't need to waste time as you search the Web for help in addressing change issues. We welcome your feedback on our Web Page and suggestions for additions, you can email us at the address shown.

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