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Alan Barratt is a principal of Barratt and Associates, located in London, England. He has over thirty years of experience in team building, leadership development and managing change. Alan has done extensive team building work with multicultural groups around the world. He has worked internally for Mobil Oil and Texas Instruments. His major clients include Lloyds TSB Group, Saudi Aramco, Kodak ( Near East), Texaco, and Mobil Oil. He has a PhD from IMCB in England.

Neal Chalofsky is an Associate Professor at George Washington University, where he received his Doctorate of Education. He is also President of Chalofsky Associates. Neal has thirty years of experience and his expertise is in HRD effectiveness and evaluation, as well as group facilitation and process consultation. His major clients include The Smithsonian, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The World Bank, and Bell Atlantic. Neal has written two books: Effective Human Resource Development and Up the HRD Ladder.

Carol Gibbs is the principal of Gibbs and Associates. She has over twenty years of experience in team building, developing consulting skills in technical professionals and communications training. Part of that experience was gained working for Arthur Anderson. Her major clients include Hitachi, J&J, Mobil Oil, Enron, and Alcon Labs. Carol holds an MS degree from Texas Christian University.

Marshall Goldsmith is a principal and founder of Keilty, Goldsmith & Company. His practice focuses on leadership development and implementing 360 degree feedback tailored to company values. He has implemented this at over 70 major corporations, including IBM, J&J, AT&T, Sun, Coca Cola, Merck, McKinsey, Motorola and Northrop. Marshall is co-editor of two books published by the Drucker Foundation: The Organization of the Future and The Leader of the Future. He does extensive pro bono work for major nonprofit organizations. Marshall has a PhD from UCLA.

Lynda McDermott is President of EquipPro International. Lynda has worked internally at Ohio Bell, AT&T, Ernst & Young, and Peat Marwick. Her expertise is in leadership development, team-building, performance management, and organizational development. Her major clients include Pfizer, Con Edison, CIGNA, Coopers & Lybrand and Mobil Oil. She is the author of Caught in the Middle: How to Survive & Thrive in Today's Management Squeeze. Lynda has her MS degree from Bowling Green University.

Paul Maloney is principal of Paul Maloney & Associates. He has worked internally at Mobil Oil, PepsiCo, and NBC. Paul's expertise is in leadership development and assessment, team-building, change and performance management. His major clients include American Airlines, PepsiCo, Chrysler Capital, Aramco, Mobil Oil and Allied Signal. Paul has a PhD from the University of Virginia.

Larry Rossini is a principal of RyanRossini. Larry spent over ten years in significant HRD managerial jobs at Digital Corporation. Prior to working at Digital, Larry was a consultant and manager with McBer, the Boston-based management consulting firm, for ten years. Larry is an expert in developing and coaching top executives and their teams, and in organizational strategy. His major clients include: Bank Boston, Green Mountain Power, Nashua, and Performance Polymers. Larry has a PhD from Harvard University.

Robert Ryan is a principal in RyanRossini. He spent fifteen years at McBer, the Boston based management consulting firm, becoming its president, before beginning his own consulting firm in 1991. Bob is an expert in developing and coaching top executives and their teams, and in organizational strategy. He has worked extensively with executives in over fifty corporations including Mobil Oil, Nashua, the US Navy, Monsanto, and Texas Instruments. Bob has an MA degree from Boston College.

Jacalyn Sherriton is the founder and President of Corporate Management Developers. She has been in business approximately twenty years. Jacky is an expert in culture change, team-building, and executive coaching and is particularly skillful at working with teams in considerable conflict. Her clients include Mobil Oil, IBM, and Planters Peanuts. Her firm has also worked in the healthcare field with clients such as Universal Health Services. She and Jim Stern coauthored Corporate Culture/Team Culture. Jackie has a Doctorate of Science from Harvard University.

Jim Stern is a Vice President of Corporate Management Developers. He has over twenty years of experience in the field of organizational development and leadership. Jim is an expert in culture change, team building, and managing change. In addition, Jim has fifteen years of experience as a line manager, which keeps him results-oriented. His clients include: Mobil Oil, IBM, Planters Peanuts, and government agencies such as FAA, FDA, and GSA. Jim Stern coauthored Corporate Culture/Team Culture with Jacalyn Sherriton. Jim is completing his Ed.D. at George Washington University.

Mike Vescuso is the principal of Vesco Ventures. Mike has held senior HR positions at major U.S. corporations and has run his own consulting firm. He is an expert in HR/business strategy, cultural and structural change, work redesign and employee involvement. Mike has engineered a major corporate turnaround as Senior Vice President of Human Resources. His clients include PG&E, Mobil Oil, MetLife, Taco Bell, Dell Computers, and America West. Mike has a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin.

Bonnie Wolf is the principal of Bonnie Wolf and Company. She has over twenty years of experience in the retail business and has held senior HR managerial jobs in major corporations before founding her own firm. Bonnie's expertise is in team-building, leadership development, 360 degree feedback and coaching. She is an excellent facilitator. Bonnie is a facilitator of the Walton Institute of retailing, Wal-Mart's leadership development program. Her clients include Mobil Oil, The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Dental Insurance, and Wal-mart. Bonnie holds an MS degree from Georgia State University.

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