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Race Against the Machine

How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy

By Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee of MIT

Race Against the Machine, an ebook by two professors at MIT has intrigued me. Because its thesis has broad implications for business and innovation, I believe friends and colleagues would be interested in a short summary with commentary. Hope you enjoy it - Rich DiGeorgio...Download it now

Download Leadership Transition Model
What is - 21st Century Brainstorming?

Use 21ST Century Web Based Technology

Engage Your Talent to:

  • Contribute their best ideas
  • Add their wisdom to important decisions
  • Effectively evaluate important options
Click here to download the article 21st Century Brainstorming by Rich DiGeorgio.

What Can We Learn from Lou Gerstner and President Obama About Leadership Transitions?

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Who We Are

We are a network of premier management consultants focused on helping organizations analyze their current business environment, identify opportunities and threats, envision innovative solutions, and implement these effectively.

We offer training and consulting services in three areas essential to managing change effectively and achieving success:

  1. Leading and implementing change:
  2. Leadership development and education: Leadership is the key lever in achieving organizational change.
  3. Team-Building: Effective teams, both managerial teams leading the change and project teams critical to implementation, are a major lever in achieving organizational goals.

The purpose of our website is to share with you our expertise and our collection of change management resources, which you are free to use within your own organizations. For example, Click Here** for a list of the best books on change. We routinely add new resources to our site and would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Send us your feedback and suggestions and receive a free copy of the Change Model.

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