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The Management Development Model is meant to be a comprehensive model on how to develop leaders and managers. It was developed because we found HR staff and line managers think very narrowly about all the things necessary to developing effective leaders and managers. You will get a lot of silver bullet thinking in developing managers and leaders. For example, if we only had the best competency model we'd have great management development. Non-sense, its only one piece of the selection/deselection process. Thinking through the competencies for a job is important, but unless you have a lot of very similar and important jobs with high turn over, we would advise against putting too many resources in the competencies basket. Spend more time getting the overall process right. Some of the best companies I know at developing managers are real good at removing ineffective managers, they give serious thought to an effective process to make this happen. We think you will find utilizing this model a helpful discussion starter in reviewing your management development process.

Change Management

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