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THINKING MANAGERS - Edward de Bono and Robert Heller, co-authors of LETTER TO THINKING MANAGERS have created this Website, which provides links to many interesting sources of information on management.
Vijay Govindarajan - Center Director - William F. Achtmeyer Center for Global Leadership - VG is one of the leading experts on strategy in the world. He is the author of ten books and over 60 articles on strategy and related subjects. Valuable information can be found at these two sites. and
The Rite Stuff - a comprehensive site dealing with effective management issues, featuring researched based studies you can purchase that summarize the latest research on topics like: Being successful with employees, customers or going global.
Metrus Group - this site is a comprehensive site on business measurement, featuring strategic (balanced) scorecard. Check out their white papers.
A comprehensive site for reengineering - includes articles, books, and benchmarking studies.
MIT - which features their 21st century project, which focuses on inventing the organization of the future. Interesting articles.
Harvard Business School Publishing - Find educational materials, books, cases, videos etc. Subscribe to newsletters on management.
Public Broadcasting - Allows you to use distance learning to access numerous courses on change, leadership and teams that they have arranged to make available with consulting firms and universities.
The American Society for Quality - Search for material on quality. There is key information on customer service measurement. Short articles explain key ideas and terms in the quality movement.
New Jersey Human Resource Planning Group - Will soon have all presentations by speakers at monthly meetings, many on change, on the site.
Society for Human Resource Management - One of the best set of links to other sites available. See the headings "Management Practices" and "Education and Training."
The American Society of Training and Development - Provides access to its numberous products, many of which relate to change, leadership or teams.
The Center for Creative Leadership - This site is an excellent source for research on leadership materials, books and training. There is little to nothing on the site for free.
The Drucker Foundation - This site is an excellent source of materials and books on leadership. There are some excellent free articles on the site. The links to other sites are excellent.
Stanford University Graduate School of Business - This site is of interest because of its centers. Check out: "Process of Change Laboratory," "Center for Entrepreneurial Studies," and "Center for Social Innovation." There is some valuable free stuff here.
The Benchmarking Group International - Measurement is a key part of the change process. Benchmarking is an excellent way to get leadership's attention for the need for change. This website has valuable tips on benchmarking, and a good set of links to educate you on benchmarking.

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