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Richard M. DiGeorgio

Mr. DiGeorgio is the principal of Richard M. DiGeorgio & Associates a management consulting firm. He is a leadership transition coach, change management consultant, facilitator, and leadership trainer. His firm is a network of quality consulting firms, members of which have worked in numerous industries and at all levels of Fortune 500 companies. The firm has been doing business for twelve years.

As a consultant and executive coach, Rich’s practice focuses on helping executives address challenging change situations. He has helped clients achieve excellent results when changing culture, developing strategy, turning around an organization, or handling an M&A/downsizings. A focal point of Mr. DiGeorgio’s practice is coaching executives who are experiencing complex and difficult leadership transitions.

It is estimated that 40-50% of managers recruited into significant managerial roles from outside the organization fail in the first 12 to 18 months. Furthermore, it is estimated that 50-75% of large mergers are unsuccessful. Additionally, a high percentage of change efforts fail. All involve significant leadership transitions. The role of a Leadership Transition Coach is to help senior leaders think through how they approach a complex and difficult new role/job.

Examples of significant assignments where Mr. DiGeorgio has worked closely with senior leaders to help them through complex and difficult transitions are listed below. He worked with the:

  1. GM of Mobil Petrochemical to successfully plan how to start-up a new ExxonMobil Chemical Division after the merger
  2. CEO of “The Community Builders,” a non-Profit developer, to significantly shift its corporate strategy, leading to it becoming the largest non-profit developer in the U.S
  3. EVP of Operations to successful transition from insurance into banking
  4. Head of IT for a major corporation to turn around a failing organization
  5. Head of IT to integrate Exxon and Mobil’s IT organizations (9,000 people)
  6. Key leaders in R&D to successfully manage a major downsizing
  7. Key leaders in R&D successfully refocus R&D on its customers and their needs
  8. Head of Engineering to restructure the capital project process and save $500MM a year for the corporation
Mr. DiGeorgio’s article “Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work “was published in the Journal of Change Management in 2003. In May of 2003, Mr. DiGeorgio chaired a conference on M&A in South Africa. Other articles by Mr. DiGeorgio include: a) “The Strategic Challenges of Bringing a Radical Idea to the Market Place – The Case of Natural Golf,” & b)” Technology Transfer: Maximizing The Effective Use of R&D.”

Mr. DiGeorgio is a graduate of Holy Cross College, where he received a liberal arts degree. He received his masters in social psychology and education from Columbia University.

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