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The services that you will find here fall into four categories.

Our "Consulting skills and Leading Change" program is a unique action learning change effort designed to develop in depth skills in HR and line people over a two year period, while addressing significant organizational issues. This program is tailored to the needs of our clients.
Our "Strategic Business Management" course is targeted at developing general manager awareness and thinking in middle managers. This unique computer simulation of a business, provides a stimulating learning environment for understanding the strategic, financial and business issues facing a firm.
Our team building approach is outlined here, this description will be a useful tool in helping you select a team building consultant. We only do team building with real teams, we do not do team building training. We do not believe in its efficacy.
Our leadership development approach describes our philosophy of leadership development, which supports the leadership/management development model available on the tools page of this Website. We are interested in helping you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current leadership/management development system and build a better more effective one. We believe in selecting from a number of quality products and tools already on the market to complete your system.

Our Experience

We have change leadership and implementation experience in a range of areas, from facilitating critical management meetings to orchestrating entire change efforts. We have:
Improved the Capital Project process at a major oil company expecting to save $500MM a year.
Developed and implemented a change strategy that significantly impacted a major marketing and refining company's bottom line.
Coached the leadership team of a major utility experiencing a rapidly changing environment in how to handle the leadership challenges it faced.
Facilitated change in the organization culture of a major high-tech firm, resulting in increased utilization of resources, from 65% to 90%.
Redesigned the R&D pipeline at a major pharmaceutical company to increase their speed to market.
Improved claims processing at a major insurance company, changing it from a functional to a team-based organization, resulting in significant savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Our Team Building Approach

We customize team building:

  1. coaching the team-building sponsor,
  2. gathering data before holding any off-site meetings, and
  3. following up to help facilitate behavior change and confront team performance issues.
We have:
Worked with Capital Project teams all over the world to integrate Engineering, Business Units, Contractors, and Venture Partners: helping the integrated team
  1. commit to stretch objectives,
  2. develop a project structure that provided proper alignment,
  3. do the front end of the project right, and
  4. work through conflict.
Worked with leadership teams to confront the team issues that prevented them from effectively leading change.
Facilitated project teams facing contentious issues that made it difficult for line leaders to develop quality consensus recommendations.

Leadership Development

Our experience ranges from implementing 360-degree feedback programs to designing and teaching management and leadership programs, and providing individual coaching from the CEO to middle-level executives. We have:
Implemented over 70 customized 360-degree feedback programs. "The Leadership Excellence Process" helps make an organization's vision and values come to life in changed leadership behavior.
Developed and implemented a selection process to determine who were the right managers to staff a downsized organization. This resulted in pro- viding the top management team the quality information it needed to make difficult selection decisions.
Conceptualized the management development process for the division of a major corporation: initial selection, on-the-job development, training, 360 feed back, and alignment with the organization's strategy and values.

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